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Dopex Rebate Token Price live today

Dopex Rebate Token (RDPX) is currently trading at 23.28 USD and with a circulating supply of 1,356,092 RDPX.
Its market capitalization is 31,546,634 USD.
RDPX price has moved -3.55% in the last 24 hours, with 185,388 USD worth of RDPX traded on various exchanges.
Dopex Rebate Token currently ranks #566 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

About Dopex Rebate Token (RDPX)

rDPX is the Dopex protocol rebate token. It is a token minted and distributed for any losses incurred by pool participants. The amount of tokens minted are determined based on the net value of losses incurred at the end of a pool's epoch. A percentage of the losses, which is determined by governance, is minted for all pool participants after the epoch has ended.

rDPX while having a no cap supply - has mechanisms in-place to avoid it from being valueless while also providing intrinsic value to the token.

1. rDPX would be a fee requirement for future app layer additions to Dopex such as vaults.
2. Dopex would support rDPX as collateral to borrow funds from Margin to leverage option positions.
3. rDPX would be usable as collateral to mint synthetic assets, commodities etc. which could further be used to create options for synthetic non-crypto assets.
4. Fee accrual can be boosted via staking rDPX.