Greenpeace pushes for Bitcoin to emulate Ethereum

Greenpeace pushes for Bitcoin to emulate Ethereum

Last week, Ethereum completed its merger with The Merge and abandoned Proof-of-work (PoW) for Proof-of-stake (PoS), reducing its energy consumption by more than 99.5%. An update leaving Bitcoin as "the only cryptocurrency polluter," according to Greenpeace.

With its "Change the Code, Not the Climate" campaign launched earlier this year and notably supported by the co-founder and president of Ripple, the American NGO wants the queen of crypto-currencies to make a transition to a transaction validation mechanism. less energy consuming. An aberration for many Bitcoin maximalists who believe that Proof-of-work, and therefore mining, is an integral part of the digital coin.

Greenpeace is now announcing an additional $1 million in funding as part of its Greener Bitcoin campaign.

In early September, a White House body submitted its report on the climate and energy implications of crypto-assets. The administration was urging action and could possibly "consider executive action to limit or eliminate the use of energy-intensive consensus mechanisms."

We learn that spokespersons for "Change the Code, Not the Climate" are discussing members of the Biden administration today.

With its campaign, Greenpeace further urges big crypto-friendly firms like Fidelity, Block, and PayPal to push for Bitcoin to drop proof-of-work.

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